<center><font color="#003300" size="7"><b>Carnac asks you to reload this page if you see this message</b></font></center></noframe><center> <img src="cube/Carnac-clear.gif" width=92 height=99 alt="Carnac Title Image"> <br> <img src="cube/Carnac-Cube-Logo.gif" width=500 height=60 alt="Carnac's Cube"> <br> <img src="cube/By.gif" width=80 height=60 alt="By"> <br> <img src="cube/gifworks.gif" width=250 height=99 alt="Gif Works"> <br><br><br><br> <table width=500 border=0> <tr><td align=center width=375> <b>Well it seems that Carnac,<br>having just returned from<br><font color="#003300"> <h3>The<br>Carnaceous Curvaceous<br>Cutie Convention,</h3></font><br>spotted this Dude<p> <img src="cube/dude.gif" width=62 height=62 alt="dude"><br><br> with this crazy cube.</b><p> <img src="cube/Rubiks-Cube.gif" width=63 height=58 alt="Rubik Cube"> </td><td align=center width=125> <img src="cube/Carnac-clear.gif" width=92 height=99 alt="Carnac"> </td></tr></table> <br><br><hr width="50%" align=center><br><br> <table width=550 border=0><tr> <td align=center width="110"> <img src="cube/Large_Ape_R.gif" width=100 height=177 alt="Large Ape"> </td><td align=center width="440"> <strong> &quot;That looks pretty simple&quot;:<p> Thought Carnac;<p> &quot;That should be easy to make.<p> Maybe I'll just give<p> <font color="#003300" size="6"><blackface> &lt;------------------</font></blackface><p> The All Knowing<p> Wizard of Oznog<p> a call.<p> Just to be on the safe side.&quot; </td></tr></table> <br><br><br> <hr width="50%" align=center><br><br><br> <img src="cube/cellphone.gif" width=26 height=74 alt="cellphone"><br><br> <font color="#003300" size="7">&quot;Whadda Ya Mean&quot;</font> Yelled Carnac.<p> <font color="#003300" size="5"> &quot;Putting the Damn Images in an<p>ICE CUBE TRAY<p>and sticking it in the freezer ain't gonna work.<p> </font><font color="#663300" size="6">The Professor already tried it.&quot;</font> <p> <br><hr width="50%" align=center><br><br><br> After cooling down a bit, Carnac remembered the<p><center><font color="#003300" size="4">Curvaceous Cutie's</font><p> <img src="cube/CutiePie.gif" width=117 height=117 alt="cutie"><br><br> lecture on &quot;<i><u>Squares</u></i>&quot; and a smile broke out on his face. <br><br><br><br> </strong> <img src="cube/Carnacs-Cube.gif" width=139 height=139 alt="Carnacs Cube"> <br><br> <FORM> <input type="button" value="Change The Background Color" onClick="var gg = prompt('enter a color name or a hex value of your choice',''); alert('you picked ' +gg+ ' !');document.bgColor=gg" text="gold" borderimage="file://rom/borders/buttonborder5.bif "> </FORM> <br><FORM> <input type="button" value="Reset To Original" text="gold" borderimage="file://rom/borders/buttonborder5.bif " onClick="document.bgColor='#CDB79E'"></FORM><br> <FORM><input type="button" value="For The Wizard" text="gold" borderimage="file://rom/borders/buttonborder5.bif " onClick="timerONE=window.setTimeout('scrollit_r21 (100)',100);"></FORM> <br><br> <A href="prof.html" onMouseOver='alert("Coming soon. The Revenge of Carnac!! Click the link for The Basic Signature Series.")'><font color="#003300" size="7"><blackface>Coming soon.</a></blackface></font><br> <img src="cube/Cube-Secret.gif" width=520 height=60 alt="Cube Secret"> </center> <bgsound src="m/rise.mid" loop="4"> </body></html>