I Remember

I remember, when she walked
down the stairs one day.
I remember how she looked..
how she smiled !

With her arms, open wide
she wore her wedding dress with pride
and she whispered,
"I'll be away
for just a while."

I remember
when she walked
down the stairs that day
I remember
how her cheek
held a tear.

With her heart so open wide
she walked so softly to my side..
and she whispered..
"It's time for her to go".

(Eight bars instrumental solo and key change.)

You'll remember
how they walked
down the stairs that day.
You'll remember
how you laughed
..how you cried.

With their arms
open wide they
walked so softly to your side
You were glad for,what you had
come tomorrow, good or bad.
You'll remember just how they looked that day.