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Image Magick Studio

This tutorial has been written so you can use your VCR and Image Magick to find the URL of an Image from a frame from your VCR tape.

There are a few things that you must first do in order for this to work.

  1. The Professor reccomends that you disconnect power to your Msntv Unit before making any connection changes.

  2. Disconnect your cable or Anntena Leads from your Msntv Unit.

  3. Connect the output of the VCR to the input of your Msntv Unit.

  4. Turn on your VCR and click the Camera that you see below.

  5. Move the Tv/Video switch to Tv

  6. Play your VCR until you get to the frame you want.

  7. Press the Freeze Button

  8. Press Add Picture
You will now see the frame, containing the Image that you have taken, superimposed on the Camera.

This method may also be used to capture any Image from your TV Screen. It all depends on what Video input to your Msntv unit is connected.

The Image will be in a jpg format when you do this at Image Magick and the size will be 608x460. Just resize to the dimensions you want and manipulate using the Tab functions provided. You can output as a gif file but this will increase the file size tremendously.